Acoustic Rock N Jam Band

is an eclectic ensemble of artists and musicians dedicated to preserving the joy, and experience of A live performance, and festival atmosphere
at all their shows.
Whether they are playing covers, re­creating entire albums, or showcasing their original music,

”​serves up the cure for what ails ya!!”

“BIG MEDIZEN”​ performs regularly in Palm Beach Florida. Some venues include, Boston’s on the Beach in Delray, Copper Blues, City Place and at
the Hard Rock in Hollywood.

The band members are as follows, 

Joe George on keyboards and vocals
Jerry Leeman Acoustic guitar and vocals
Mike Hill on lead guitar, and vocals
Pat "The Machine” Kregor on percussion
“Kenny "G", “The Pompano Plucker” on bass 

Claudia Harrison on violin

“Shaun Rosario” on lead guitar and vocals 

The guys are all residents of South Florida.
The band is widely known for their recreation of 

Pink Floyd's, “Dark Side Of the Moon” 
 billed as
“Dark Side of the MediZen”


Big Medizen's tribute to "The Last Waltz"
The joy and excitement of creating these shows and its added success has inspired the band to continue to recreate
from the roots of rock n roll history.

is currently working on a special order, double sided vinyl L.P entitled “ELEVEN” ​which is charted to be released in the FALL of 2018 and includes

11 new songs from the band.
The band is also planning a mini tour of the midwest, and east coast  with the release of their new album


 “BIG MEDIZEN”, ya can’t catch it twice!