Mike Hill

Mike is an incredible singer, guitarist and songwriter and producer.  Currently playing with Big MediZen, Bron Burbank, and Gasoline Trio.. You don't want to miss this guy


Joe is a schooled jazz musician, he has an incredible ability to take the music and his audience on a journey.

"Diamond: Joe is a constant source of joy at every live performance. 

Pat Kregor

"Brother Time"

His over 30 year history of experience. Known for his incorporation of organic percussion instruments and drums, Pat has created a signature style all it's own.


Zappa Pete Weintraub

Heading up the Zappa Tribute band "The Merry Franksters" Zappa Pete brings his incredible talent to the band "Big Medicine" He comes from a long line of musicians and performers, in keeping with his family's tradition

Kenny "G" Gruneisen

A.K.A. the Pompano Plucker.

Kenny is a schooled jazz musician and has played with several local and regional bands in south Florida from  Circle of Trust to BIg Medizen.  and always with a smile on his face

Jerry Leeman

‚Äč a.k.a. Screamin' Leeman, is one of the most recognizable voices in the South Florida popular music scene. His fiery, always soulful singing style has electrified audiences from Boston to Key West. 

"I realized what I wanted to do after seeing  the movie "The Last Waltz"

. That film changed my life. "